Monday, 20 January 2014


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the January phase of SINGAPUNK BIENNALE!

Our opening day was slow because it was set up day, thanks those who came! The next 5 days are going to come fast, hard and fun as hell!

Lookout for our anchor event PUNK THEATRICS, running from 22-24 Jan (Wed-Fri), as well as the introduction of the PUNK THEATRICS All-In / Pao-ka-leow ticket going for $40 each direct from The Substation Box Office!

Also check out other events such as LABEL RESIDENCY, MAKE YOUR OWN DEMO, PUNK PLAYGROUND, THE GATHERING and of course the very much anticipated DISTRO DAY OUT 2014!

Everything is happening at THE SUBSTATION, 45 Armenian Street!

See you!

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