Thursday, 31 October 2013

lifted from Singapore Biennale's official website

The Singapunk Biennale
16-20 December 2013
20-26 January 2014
Possible fringe events dates (TBC)
The Substation
45 Armenian Street
All programmes are from 7pm to 11pm unless otherwise stated.
Free admission unless otherwise stated

Image courtesy of Singapunk
The counterculture of punk is often misunderstood as being synonymous with chaos and negativity, when in fact it is engaged in an ideological interrogation of power and authority. In Singapore, where globalisation and capitalism are the de facto structures of everyday life, the DIY punk community has moved from emulating Western punk rock archetypes to developing its own identity – one that is relevant to Southeast Asia yet still part of a worldwide network. Under the banner of SINGAPUNK BIENNALE – PUNK: Process, Progress, Protest, the community will introduce a variable world of processes that refuses to acknowledge the idea of permission and governance. Through workshops, exhibitions and performances, we will empower the visitor and explore a fresh, socially and locally relevant context of punk.
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