Thursday, 26 December 2013

bye bye 2013...hello 2014!

Hello everyone

The year is approaching its end.

The December leg of SINGAPUNK BIENNALE was absolutely fantastic. Pictures are all over the internet, and we'll post some here when we get the chance. No copyright. What do you think we are; pretentious artist types? Haha.

January is hitting us real soon and we have an interesting programme lined up for you in January. This includes workshops, dramatics, theatrics and a lot more aesthetic explorations. We're also linking up with some local record label people (for some reason they like to stay low-key, maybe because too many 'art rebels' like to take credit for things that supposedly serve a community) for DISTRO DAY OUT 2014. It's an exhibition/flea market of local and regional distribution/record labels.

A teaser for DISTRO DAY OUT 2014 just below.

Thus in short; enjoy the holidays, embrace the new year, keep it real and never let life bring you down. 

For the January phase of SINGAPUNK BIENNALE, expect more mind blowing work by the supposedly 'useless' punkrockers, theatrical experiments, aesthetic dissertations and more Joe Lobang ridiculousness.

Keep on keeping on.

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